Downtown Grocery Store? Make It New Leaf Market!

There’s been a lot of chatter this week about solidifying a downtown grocery store. Our response? The answer is New Leaf Market! When talking to friends and neighbors about this initiative, here are 5 quick hits that can help you explain what our store will be:

  1. New Leaf Market, you mean the Winter Farmers Market?
    No!  New Leaf Market will be a full-service (you can get your cheerios, Kashi & toothpaste), member-owned, cooperative grocery store that will feature local, healthy, fair-priced food for the community.  It will look like your neighborhood grocery store with aisles of produce, dairy, bulk foods, meats, beer & wine, non-perishables, health & beauty, deli, bakery and so much more.  Not open yet, but on its way!

  2. Membership?  I just want to shop there! 
    Everyone can shop at New Leaf Market! You don’t have to be a member-owner to enjoy the high quality food, fair prices and educational information provided by New Leaf Foods.  You just get added perks if you are.

  3. I want a Trader Joes/Whole Foods, will I like New Leaf Market?
    Absolutely!  If you want a Trader Joes or Whole Foods, you will want New Leaf Market!  We are the local, authentic option when it comes to healthy, whole foods.  We will carry many of the things you will find at either of those stores, but will offer more locally produced and grown food.  Plus it’s owned by OUR community. Not someone in another state, meaning more of our dollars spent at New Leaf Market will stay in the community. 

  4. You say Downtown, where? 
    While New Leaf Market Co-op does not have a physical location yet, it will be located in downtown Green Bay on a site with good parking and public transportation access. One of the goals of New Leaf Market is to contribute to the revitalization of downtown.

  5. I want to shop there now!
    New Leaf Market Co-op will open as soon as we secure our financing.  Over 800 member-owners already support the vision of New Leaf Market having purchased their $180 share (one time cost), having pledged over $360,000 in member-owner investments and continuing to spread the word about New Leaf Market.  There is more work to be done, but we are taking the right steps.

Help make New Leaf Market the solution to Mayor Schmitt’s goal.  Become a member-owner hereThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to volunteer!

New Leaf Winter Farmers Markets

Join us for the 5th Annual New Leaf Winter Farmers Market Presented by Bellin Health! New Leaf Market, Downtown Green Bay, Inc. and Bellin Health support the event which will kick off its 2014-1015 Season on December 20th. Here are the details:

-Location: KI Convention Center (333 Main St.) Exhibit Hall C. 

-Free to Attend!

-Vendors: Over 85 vendors including local meats, cheeses, bakery, vegetables, canned items, coffee, handcrafted art pieces and various local restaurants.

-Parking: Free parking in the Main Street Ramp with skywalk to the KI Convention Center.

-Volunteer : Sign up to volunteer for this exciting event.

-EBT: EBT cards accepted near the front entrance at the market can be exchanged for market tokens for select vendors.

-Dates: Select Saturdays (below) from 8 a.m. - Noon at the KI Convention Center (333 Main St.) in Exhibit Hall C.
• December 20th (Special Extended Holiday Market)
• January 10th
• January 24th
• January 31st
• February 7th
• March 7th
• March 28th

Here are few details for each date:

-Dec. 20: Special extended Holiday Market with 30 additional holiday craft vendors. Free visits with Santa from 10 a.m. - Noon. Music by the Boys & Girls Club Carolers and cooking demo by Hagemeister Park.

-Jan. 10: Music by Jackson Mankowski, cooking demo by Hot Broth & Coffee.

-Jan. 24: Music by Barb Bazaldua, cooking demo by The Libertine.

-Jan. 31: Music by Tarl Knight, cooking demo by Caffe Espresso. 

-Feb. 7: Music by Jamie Fletcher, cooking demo by Adams Street Pub. 

-Mar. 7: Music by Duffey & Friends, cooking demo by Titletown Brewing Co.

-Mar. 28: Music by Amy Peters & Pat Lucas, cooking demo by Black and Tan. 

The market is at capacity with vendor registrations. To be put on the waiting list, e-mail with your contact information and product type. Questions? Call 920.437.5972.

Good Food for Good Health, Now and for Generations

In case you missed it, click this link to the Green Bay Press-Gazette article by our board president Lynn Walter in the Sunday, Aug. 4 paper. Lynn begins by quoting our mission: "Good food for good health, now and for generations." She goes on to credit all the sustained, collaborative efforts of our member-owners and volunteers with getting us to the point where we are ready to launch the capital campaign to make New Leaf Market Co-op a reality! The 2012 Envisioning the Future Conference brought 240 community leaders together to develop a vision for Brown County in 2020. They made improving our healthy by improving our knowledge of and access to healthy foods a priority--including the specific goal that: "healthy food co-ops are flourishing." This goal can be achieved by 2014, six years ahead of schedule, by investing in New Leaf's vision of a healthy future.   

Why I Joined New Leaf Market, Why You Should Too

It was a study in bounty and respect! As I unloaded beautiful oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, an array of lettuce, rich red tomatoes, yellow beets, and deep green beans, the colors and the shapes were a delight and stamped with confidence. Because they were purchased at an organic grocery, I knew they were grown pesticide-free, from the closest locations by trusted farmers. I also knew they would taste as good as they looked.


Since I was in Milwaukee, I took advantage of one of their organic stores with all this abundance. As I returned home, I felt deeply cheated because we don’t have this available . . . yet. Looking forward to the bloom of New Leaf Market Cooperative, I can’t wait for this kind of bounty to be ours in Green Bay! I can’t wait to not have to be concerned about what the chicken was fed or to be concerned about the additives injected into meats. As someone who loves to cook, I know that my artistic ventures will be so much better with untreated foods that are in a natural, not altered state.


New Leaf Market Co-op will evolve into a reality when there are enough members to launch the project. It is easy to put off joining since it is only now germinating, but now is the time to put our money where our mouth is. "I’ll send them a check when they’re closer to opening," is a natural reaction. However, the sooner you invest in a membership, the sooner we will all eat better, healthier and safer. So, please make it happen soon, please invest now!


Bon Appétit!

Susan Frost

Founding Member

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