Help Fund Membership for Healthy Food Access

At New Leaf Market's May 18 Celebration, founding members launch a new member drive with a generous anonymous gift of $2000 for scholarships for modest-income families who want to join the co-op. Need a scholarship? Click the Need a Scholarship tab under Join Us.

Update Celebration & Rally May 18

Thursday, May 18, 2017

6:30-8:30 PM

Brickhouse Craft Burgers & Brews, 500 Grant St., De Pere

Free Appetizers, Cash Bar

New Leaf Market Co-op Member-Owners--Come hear the plans, celebrate progress, and share your visions for the co-op. New members welcome to join at the event!

Exciting news! On May 2, the De Pere City Council approved New Leaf’s loan application of $250,000! With this piece of financing, we are 94% to our final goal!

So how can YOU help reach the finish line and open YOUR member-owned co-op grocery store? One of our loan contingencies requires that we grow our membership to 1,500 members (currently at 900) by August 30. Your participation, ideas and energy are key to reaching that goal.

If you can’t make it on May 18, but would like to volunteer some time, please contact our Membership & Marketing Chair, Tracy Flucke by phone (920)497-3196 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you don’t have time to volunteer, keep this in mind….if each member recruits just one more member, New Leaf would significantly surpass its goal! Talk to your family members, neighbors, co-workers. Direct folks to our website and Facebook page, and share your excitement about New Leaf Market Co-op…it’s RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

Loan Update and Membership

On April 14, New Leaf Market Co-op was approved for a $250,000 Brown County Revolving Loan! This strong support is grounded in your community-owned co-op’s contributions to Brown County’s economic development in the form of good jobs, a steady market for regional farm and food products, and the recirculation of profits to member-owners. The next step is a City of De Pere Revolving Loan Fund Application, which comes before the De Pere City Council for approval in May.

Increasing the number of member-owners is the last step to reaching the total financing goal! New Leaf Market Co-op already has 900 member-owners. To meet the county loan requirements, we need 600 more member-owners to begin construction by September.

What can you do to help close the deal?

1. Click the JOIN US tab and become a member-owner now, if you’re not already one of the first 900 charter members.

2. Encourage your friends & family to become member-owners. Person-to-person recommendations are the most powerful way to grow your co-op’s membership.

3. Share your talents and time. Join the New Leaf Membership and Marketing Team with a message to Tracy at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UPDATE to Members

Thanks to your member-owner’s support, we celebrated some exciting news at our December 14th New Leaf Market Co-op Annual Meeting:

1. New Leaf Market Co-op has entered into a Purchase Agreement to acquire the commercial building at 320 Wisconsin St. in De Pere as our future home.

2. The City of De Pere received a $250,000 WEDC Community Investment Grant for the development of New Leaf Market Co-op.

Together co-op member-owners, volunteers and fundraisers are the driving force behind New Leaf Market Co-op. Its success depends upon us. Encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to join New Leaf Market Co-op; and Contact Us about volunteering and purchasing preferred shares.

2016 New Board Members!

At the December 14 Annual Membership Meeting, two Board Members were elected:

Josephine Dobson Mann: Josephine has been an organic farm and manufacturing inspector for the past nine years. She is currently enrolled in the St. Norbert College MBA program and previously ran a company selling organic commodities.

"I am passionate about organic foods as well as the food co-op principles. Since moving to Green Bay from the LaCrosse area I have really felt the need for a co-op here; and I would love to help make it happen!"

Katie Renier: Katie has 10+ years of experience working in food co-ops as a volunteer, stocker, cashier, clerk and journey person (ordering, training and supervising).

"I have a good feel for food co-ops. They are places where I feel most myself. I have a passion for local healthy food and love to grow my own, cook for others, and visit local farms. Food is a major uniting force in communities, and bringing people together is a key to building a happier and healthier world. I have a thorough understanding and passion for co-ops, and I think I can offer creative ideas for New Leaf Market Co-op."