Member-Owner Update

Hello Fellow Current and Future New Leaf Market Owners!

Here is an update on our progress as of September 2013:

1. We have secured a site with contingencies in the area of 800 & 900 Main Street!!  We are incredibly excited about our new location and working hard to take the steps necessary to finalize the details.  

2. Member-owners now top nearly 725!  (Thanks to Karen Early and all of the Membership and Marketing Committee and Arketype—our silent partner!)

3. We have kicked off our member-loan campaign as of Tuesday, September 17th.  Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 by October 31st. 

4. Capital campaign materials for the donor campaign are well under way.  Watch for more info on this in the near future. (Thanks to Pete Angilello and Diane Legomsky and the whole Fundraising Team!)

5. Three successful years of New Leaf Winter farmers market in support of the health of our community and the well-being of local farmers and artisan producers (Thanks to you and the many local vendors and to Downtown Green Bay, Inc. and Bellin Health as well as Wisconsin Public Radio, WLUK Fox 11, and WYDR The Drive (99.7))

6. Two professional Market Analyses (both show that the right downtown location can support a sustainable grocery cooperative)

7. Capital campaign materials and plan are well under way (Thanks to Pete Angilello and Diane Legomsky and the whole Fundraising Team!)

8. Current business plan and pro forma (Thanks to Marilyn Sagrillo and the whole Finance Committee!)

9. Positive responses from bank financers and the city of GB regarding external financing of the project.

10. Consultants from the National Co-op Grocers Association and Cooperative Development Services continue giving us professional advice on the business plan, pro forma, market studies, store location, board development, grocery store design and much more.

11. Wonderful support from individual donors and community organizations and businesses (Thanks to Downtown Green Bay, Inc.; Wisconsin Public Service; UW Brown County Cooperative Extension; Arketype; Bellin Health and so many others!)

12. We are working collaboratively with a new organization—New Leaf Foods, its mission--to provide education on healthy food and food systems and improve community food security—complements the mission of New Leaf Market.

Why I Joined New Leaf Market, Why You Should Too

It was a study in bounty and respect! As I unloaded beautiful oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, an array of lettuce, rich red tomatoes, yellow beets, and deep green beans, the colors and the shapes were a delight and stamped with confidence. Because they were purchased at an organic grocery, I knew they were grown pesticide-free, from the closest locations by trusted farmers. I also knew they would taste as good as they looked.


Since I was in Milwaukee, I took advantage of one of their organic stores with all this abundance. As I returned home, I felt deeply cheated because we don’t have this available . . . yet. Looking forward to the bloom of New Leaf Market Cooperative, I can’t wait for this kind of bounty to be ours in Green Bay! I can’t wait to not have to be concerned about what the chicken was fed or to be concerned about the additives injected into meats. As someone who loves to cook, I know that my artistic ventures will be so much better with untreated foods that are in a natural, not altered state.


New Leaf Market Co-op will evolve into a reality when there are enough members to launch the project. It is easy to put off joining since it is only now germinating, but now is the time to put our money where our mouth is. "I’ll send them a check when they’re closer to opening," is a natural reaction. However, the sooner you invest in a membership, the sooner we will all eat better, healthier and safer. So, please make it happen soon, please invest now!


Bon Appétit!

Susan Frost

Founding Member

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