UPDATE to Members

Thanks to your member-owner’s support, we celebrated some exciting news at our December 14th New Leaf Market Co-op Annual Meeting:

1. New Leaf Market Co-op has entered into a Purchase Agreement to acquire the commercial building at 320 Wisconsin St. in De Pere as our future home.

2. The City of De Pere received a $250,000 WEDC Community Investment Grant for the development of New Leaf Market Co-op.

Together co-op member-owners, volunteers and fundraisers are the driving force behind New Leaf Market Co-op. Its success depends upon us. Encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to join New Leaf Market Co-op; and Contact Us about volunteering and purchasing preferred shares.

2016 New Board Members!

At the December 14 Annual Membership Meeting, two Board Members were elected:

Josephine Dobson Mann: Josephine has been an organic farm and manufacturing inspector for the past nine years. She is currently enrolled in the St. Norbert College MBA program and previously ran a company selling organic commodities.

"I am passionate about organic foods as well as the food co-op principles. Since moving to Green Bay from the LaCrosse area I have really felt the need for a co-op here; and I would love to help make it happen!"

Katie Renier: Katie has 10+ years of experience working in food co-ops as a volunteer, stocker, cashier, clerk and journey person (ordering, training and supervising).

"I have a good feel for food co-ops. They are places where I feel most myself. I have a passion for local healthy food and love to grow my own, cook for others, and visit local farms. Food is a major uniting force in communities, and bringing people together is a key to building a happier and healthier world. I have a thorough understanding and passion for co-ops, and I think I can offer creative ideas for New Leaf Market Co-op."

Community-Owned Grocery Store? Make It New Leaf Market!

There’s been a lot of dedicated efforts to solidify a community-owned grocery store, featuring healthy, local food. Our response? The answer is New Leaf Market! When talking to friends and neighbors about this initiative, here are 5 quick hits that can help you explain what our store will be:

  1. New Leaf Market, you mean the New Leaf Winter Farmers Market?
    No!  New Leaf Market will be a full-service (you can get your cheerios, Kashi & toothpaste), member-owned, cooperative grocery store that will feature local, healthy, fair-priced food for the community.  It will look like your neighborhood grocery store with aisles of produce, dairy, bulk foods, meats, beer & wine, non-perishables, health & beauty, deli, bakery and so much more.  Not open yet, but on its way! New Leaf Market is one of the partners participating in the New Leaf Winter Farmers Market, which we started with Downtown Green Bay, Inc.

  2. Membership?  I just want to shop there!
    Everyone can shop at New Leaf Market! You don’t have to be a member-owner to enjoy the high quality food, fair prices and educational information provided by New Leaf Foods.  You just get added perks if you are.

  3. I want a Trader Joes/Whole Foods, will I like New Leaf Market?
    Absolutely!  If you want a Trader Joes or Whole Foods, you will want New Leaf Market!  We are the local, authentic option when it comes to healthy, whole foods.  We will carry many of the things you will find at either of those stores, but will offer more locally produced and grown food.  Plus it’s owned by OUR community. Not someone in another state, meaning more of our dollars spent at New Leaf Market will stay in the community. 

  4. You say where?
    New Leaf Market Co-op has identified a site in De Pere with good parking, on a main thoroughfare with public transportation access.

  5. I want to shop there now!
    New Leaf Market Co-op will open as soon as we secure our financing.  Over 860 member-owners already support the vision of New Leaf Market having purchased their $180 share (one time cost), having pledged over $425,000 in member-owner investments and continuing to spread the word about New Leaf Market.  There is more work to be done, but we are taking the right steps.

Help make New Leaf Market the solution.  Become a member-owner hereThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to volunteer!


Welcome to NEW LEAF MARKET a community based, self-sustaining cooperative that will be operating in the heart of De Pere. Our full-service, member owned, cooperative will combine the fresh flavors of the local farmers market, the convenience of a supermarket and a wide selection of specialty natural foods for the health conscious consumer – just like YOU and your friends and neighbors.

And if that isn’t enough to get you in the door, you’ll be enticed by the smell of fresh brewed, fair trade coffee; delectable bakery treats; and healthy snacks from the deli café.

So what is a cooperative? How can I get involved and become a founding member? What awaits me at the NEW LEAF MARKET? Learn more with a simple click on our adjacent pages.


What exactly is a Co-op?

Watch the video below to find out!

Video Courtesy of Food COOP Initiative

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

State Senator Tours Viroqua Food Co-Op

VIROQUA, WI – The Driftless Region in western Wisconsin is ground zero for the rapidly expanding local food movement. Growing demand for fresh organic food and high quality local products...  has helped fuel the growth of many local businesses including the Viroqua Food Co-op (VFC) – a local favorite in Vernon County. After 20 years of success, the member-owned Viroqua Food Co-op is once again looking to grow and expand their local operation.  “Viroqua Food Co-op is a champion of our local food economy since 1995,” said Jan Rasikas, VFC General Manager. “With the support of our 3300 member-owners, we eagerly anticipate growing our Cooperative so we can better serve our community by offering more local, organic, and natural food options.”

State Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) met with Viroqua Food Co-op employees and supporters Thursday to learn more about how the Co-op supports local farmers, their support for labeling of genetically modified foods and upcoming expansion plans.

“With friendly service and quality products, I always enjoy visiting the Viroqua Food Co-op,” said Sen. Shilling. “As a supporter of buy local and farm to table initiatives, it is exciting to see the Co-op grow, expand and boost the local economy.”

The Viroqua Food Co-op currently employs 64 people, of which 80% are full time and have access to a full benefits package. In the last fiscal year, VFC achieved $7 million in sales. To learn more about the Co-op, individuals can stop in or visit online at http://www.viroquafood.coop/.

Viroqua coop