Need a Scholarship?

If you cannot afford the $180 for a membership share of New Leaf Market at this time but want to be active in making New Leaf Market a reality by becoming one of the founding members, there are some possible options for you.

An Annual Membership: If you are a currently-enrolled student 18 years of age or older or if you are a FoodShare recipient, you may pay for a $45 annual membership. The annual membership share will entitle you to all the benefit and responsibilities of membership for one year after the store opens. After that time, you will need to purchase another annual membership, assuming that you are still a currently-enrolled student or FoodShare recipient. After five years of purchasing annual membership, you will have paid for a full membership share. The $45 fee includes some processing expenses. You should complete the online membership form and check the box for the $45 annual membership.

A Pay-It-Forward Scholarship: To make it possible for people who cannot afford a $180 membership share to become member-owners of New Leaf Market Cooperative, we have established the New Leaf Market Pay-It-Forward Scholarship fund. The idea is that at some point in the future, when you can afford it, you will pay-it-forward by contributing to this revolving member scholarship fund. Scholarships will be distributed as soon as funds become available and in the order qualified scholarship requests are received. To apply for a Pay-It-Forward scholarship, please complete the form below.

New Leaf Market will contact you when a scholarship becomes available.

A Payment Plan: When the New Leaf Market opens its doors, we may decide as a cooperative to offer a payment plan for a membership share to anyone who wants it. At this time, however, we do not have the administrative capacity to offer this option.