Board of Directors and Officers

Peter Angilello – Library Media Specialist, Green Bay Area Public Schools

I have been a Library Media Specialist with Green Bay Area Public Schools for the past twelve years and previous to that, worked for the Brown County Library for fourteen years. I was involved in Green Bay's first food co-op both as a board member and president of the Evergreen Grocery Co-op for several years. I am excited to be a part of this community initiative to help reestablish our connection with our food sources and how they are grown.

With my grant-writing, networking and event planning skills, I hope to ensure that the New Leaf Market will be a vital urban community center that will stimulate a demand for healthy foods and sustainable growing. I am especially hopeful that New Leaf will serve diverse and low-income communities, both addressing food access disparities and increasing fresh and healthy choices in the food support system (i.e. food banks). We will need to be active partners with other businesses and organizations in the area to share both our mission and goals of helping to provide an economic livelihood for Northeast Wisconsin sustainable farmers and food businesses.

Karen Early (Vice-President)Nutrition Education Program Coordinator with University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension in Brown County

I have been involved in the conception and development of New Leaf Market since its inception and currently serve chair of the Membership and Marketing Committee.

As a registered dietician and food advocate for my entire career, I have been passionate about sustainable eating, sustainable food systems and their benefits to the health of individuals and the environment. My work with U-W Extension has addressed food security, food systems, poverty awareness and nutrition education with a special interest in hunger and obesity. I conduct applied research to address community initiatives for improving food security in low-income populations through developing community partnerships and collaborations.

Katelyn Hanke - 

Megan Olson Hunt – Assistant Professor of Statistics, UW-Green Bay

As an undergraduate, I shopped at my first co-op and farmers’ market in Winona, MN. I had always been interested in the environment/ecology and these fit in perfectly with my desire to decrease humans’ impact on the earth. In graduate school, I became a member of the co-op in Pittsburgh, PA and started other initiatives with the environment, sustainability and my health in mind: My husband and I built our own chicken coop and raised day-old chicks heritage breed hens, had a large raised bed garden and fruit trees, installed rain barrels on our house, composted, regularly picked up litter around our neighborhood, walked or bused almost everywhere we went, and I started a blog about “little things” people could do every day to help reduce their impact on the earth (up to 80 posts!).

Knowing I was beginning at UW-Green Bay in the fall of 2014, one of the first things I did was search for the city’s co-op (since this would clearly impact where we looked for a house!). In the process, I discovered the New Leaf Market initiative and couldn’t wait for it to become a reality. When the opportunity presented itself for me to become a board member, I was definitely excited - I see a co-op as a cornerstone of a community, aligning with my core beliefs of how humans should interact with each other and the earth. As a board member, I bring my passion for good, safe food and protecting the environment to the table. I look forward to contributing ideas and energy to the process of making New Leaf Market a reality.

James Lemsky – Senior VP Marketing, Operations Europe, Hain Celestial Group (retired)

With 30+ years in the natural and organic food industry, I bring worldwide experience in marketing consumer products to the natural foods industry. I have contacts in the industry for sourcing products through my former company, which was the lead company in establishing USDA organic regulations, and through my service on the National Board of the Natural Foods Association. I will also use my budgeting and marketing skills to help New Leaf become a thriving business.

My goal is to contribute to the mega trend movement toward healthy eating; and I am a firm believer in the value of good nutrition. I look forward to New Leaf Market co-op contributing to the health improvement of the citizens of greater Green Bay.

Tyler Lenz – Institutional Consulting Analyst, Graystone Consulting

As a member of the New Leaf Market board, I would bring my experience, values, and interests together in support of the organization's mission and goals. In my career, I have 7+ years' experience in corporate finance with Integrys Energy Group, Inc. that I believe will help New Leaf during its critical development phase. I have already actively participated as a member of New Leaf Market's Finance Committee and fully understand the organization's goals and objectives.

Living healthy has always been at the core of my life. As an active runner, I see the importance of daily nutrition and the difference that eating quality food can have. My family and I recently moved into a neighborhood adjacent to downtown Green Bay and are excited to have an outlet for healthy food within walking distance. It has been an exciting adventure to be part of this project thus far, and I hope to continue my involvement as a member of the board.

Crystal Osman (Secretary) –Downtown Green Bay, Inc. & Olde Main Street, Inc.

I am the Program Manager at Downtown Green Bay, Inc. and Olde Main Street, Inc. I help coordinate many of our volunteer committees and some of the special projects like the East River Trail Connection. I am an active participate in issues related to sustainability and the environment in the community, a few of them include the Sustainable Green Bay Committee and Baird Creek Preservation Foundation. I am currently the Secretary for the Board of Directors for New Leaf Market Co-op. I am a UW-Green Bay graduate in Environmental Policy & Planning. Downtown Green Bay, Inc. is very supportive of this initiative and has been involved from the beginning by providing administrative support, file storage as well as been the fiscal receiver for the Wisconsin Department of Commerce grant, received in 2009 among others things. We know that the impact a grocery store and food hub will have on downtown revitalization will be key to continuing to advance downtown.

I also have a strong personal commitment to sustainability and the enhancement of the environment as a system and food issues are a key piece of the puzzle. I have been part of this initiative since the first meetings and am very excited about the progress thus far and the enthusiasm of everyone involved. I look forward to a food hub in Downtown Green Bay!

Marilyn Sagrillo (Treasurer) – Associate Professor of Accounting (Retired), UW-Green Bay

I am the recently retired, Director of the Cofrin School of Business and Chair of Business, Chair of Accounting and Associate Professor of Accounting at UW-Green Bay. Currently, Treasurer of the Interim Board of Directors for New Leaf Market Cooperative.

I have been interested in sustainability and locally raised foods since moving to northeast Wisconsin many years ago. My husband and I have five acres of land that allows us to grow most of our own vegetables and a lot of our own fruit. I also support locally grown organic foods by buying from a local organic farmer.

Lynn Walter (President) – Founding Director, UW-Green Bay Center for Food in Community and Culture

I am Founding Director of UWGB’s Center for Food in Community and Culture; Chair of the Food and Local Health Sub-Committee of Sustainable Green Bay; co-editor of Critical Food Issues: Problems and State of the Art Solutions. I grew up on a farm and worked my way through school as cook at the Green Lantern Co-op restaurant in Madison, WI.

My experience and passion for promoting healthy, local food will help sustain the time-consuming and complicated project of establishing New Leaf Market Cooperative and creating a thriving and vital community food hub. My vision for New Leaf Market Co-op is that it serve as a food hub for Northeast Wisconsin, connecting consumers, growers, and artisan producers to support health and wellness, prosperous local farm and food businesses, good jobs, equitable communities, and a thriving local food economy.

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