Mission of New Leaf Market Cooperative


New Leaf Market is a full-service, member-owned, cooperative grocery store featuring local, healthy and fair-priced food for the community.

The vision of New Leaf Market is Good Food for Good Health, Now and for Generations.

The goals of New Leaf Market are to:

I. Improve people’s health:

A. By offering nutritious and safe food at fair prices.
B. By providing education on healthy foods and sound agricultural and food systems.
C. By providing high quality food from high quality sources, including local, organic, and specialty products.
D. By supporting agricultural practices that produce food for the optimal health of consumers and producers.

II. Operate an economically sustainable enterprise
that grows with the community:

A. By fiscally responsible management of member and investor resources.
B. By superior customer service.

III. Cultivate local and regional agricultural and food enterprises:

A. By featuring products from local and regional agrifood businesses.
B. By assisting the development of local agricultural and food enterprises.

IV. Contribute to the revitalization of our community and region.

A. By increasing food accessibility to people living and working in the greater Green Bay area.
B. By creating good jobs.
C. By adding to the attractions that make the Green Bay area a destination.

V. Sustain natural resources and the environment:

A. By featuring products produced and distributed using sustainable, environmentally sound practices.
B. By featuring products that support the responsible treatment of living things impacted by the food chain.

VI. Nurture community engagement and regional food security:

A. By following the core principles of cooperative management and democratic decision-making, including the principles of inclusive excellence, fairness, transparency, and shared responsibility.
B. By featuring products to meet diverse community food needs and preferences.
C. By creating opportunities for vibrant community engagement through social networking, civic pride, and partnerships among individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses.